Teddy Bridgewater Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater is a quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He is from Miami Florida, where he was the starting Quarterback from his sophomore year. Bridgewater then went to louisville, where he started his rookie year after the starting QB was injured. He finished his final year in 2013 with completing 781 out of 1142 tries, 68 percent. He had a total of 72 touchdowns in his college career. He entered the NFL draft in 2014 where he was the last pick in the 1st round of the draft by the Minnesota Vikings. A pick they got from the Seattle Seahawks.  Teddy started in the 4th game for the Vikings and won the starting job. In his two years with the Vikings he has completed 551 out of 849, with a percent of 65 percent. He does not have the best stats in the league but he doesn’t need to because of his running back Adrian Peterson. He unfortunately torn his ACL in practice before the regular season even started. He will be out the entire 2016 season. Teammates and coaches say Teddy is so kind and is always helping others.

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