Im Megan Eden and I am a sophomore at St. Cloud State University. I plan on double majoring in Public Relations and Sports Management.

I love the Minnesota Vikings and would love working for them some day. If I do not work for the Vikings I would like to just work for a sports team, preferably for a football team.

I am a very outgoing person, who will talk to everybody and anybody! I am from Iowa, and grew up on a farm. My dad is a farmer, so from a young age I have learned that when you work hard and put all your effort in your task at hand, it does pay off.

I am from a really tiny town of just over 300 people, so I learned the value of a small town. I love to do anything that is active; riding a bike, rollerblading, water sports, team sports and anything else that is active. This blog will be a lot about the Minnesota Vikings as they are my favorite sports team. I will try to share my knowledge about the Vikings and what I think about past and present seasons. Also what I think is going to happen this season and if the Vikings can make it to the playoffs and Super bowl this year.

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