Final Video Project Blog


We focused our final video project on how to study for finals week in college. We used the ipad, microphone and tripod to shoot the video. We edited our video on Adobe Premiere pro CC 2015 on a iMac computer.

Shot List:

Shot 1 0.00 pan of library

Shot 2 0.03 Jenna talking

Shot 3 0.05 Jenna walking into library

Shot 4 0.08 Jenna talking outside of Starbucks

Shot 5 0.10 Jenna ordering coffee

Shot 6 0.11 Jenna waiting for coffee

Shot 7 0.13 Jenna receiving coffee

Shot 8 0.14 Jenna walking away with coffee

Shot 9 0.16 Jenna sitting at a desk

Shot 10 0.18 Pan of basement library

Shot 11 0.20 Jenna sitting at desk again

Shot 12 0.22 Jenna crying at the desk

Shot 13 0.23 Jenna pouting at the desk

Shot 14 0.25 Jenna sitting at desk with headphones

Shot 15 0.26 Jenna talking at the desk

Shot 16 0.27 Jenna talking at the desk

Shot 17 0.30 Jenna writing the list

Shot 18 0.32 Jenna talking at the desk

Shot 19 0.36 Jenna building book fort

Shot 20 0.38 Jenna prancing

Shot 21 0.40 Jenna using headphones

Shot 22 0.43 Jenna doing cartwheels

Shot 23 0.45 Jenna exploring a book

Shot 24 0.48 Jenna sitting at the desk werid

Shot 25 0.51 Jenna holding post it note

Shot 26 0.56 Jenna running

Shot 27 0.57 Jenna sitting at desk

Shot 28 1.05 rolling credits

Vikings 5k

The Twin Cities Orthopedics had there 4th  annual 5k. This year they partnered with the Minnesota Vikings because they have a brand new stadium they might as well show it off. Every finisher finished on the 50 yard line of the Vikings stadium, which was supper neat.

As the race was going the stadium just kept getting bigger and bigger the closer I got to the stadium. I did a full lap around the stadium before finally getting to go in the stadium and cross the finish line.

After I finished the race I got to see the Vikings Locker room, which was so cool on so many levels. I got to see all the guys lockers and all the different things they had painted on the walls.

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